Voice-to-Text Streaming

With realtime voice-to-text streaming, you can read the transcript live along with the deposition. The text can be streamed to any personal computer or tablet, or to the ones we provide. Before the hearing begins, you and your team will be given full training on how to use the software to best suit your needs. Additional on-site help will be available to answer your questions as needed. After the deposition, your highlight note report can be sent to you upon request.

Voice-to-text streaming isn’t limited to in-person participants. Live streaming can be enabled to remote viewers as well. Your experts and other counsel can view join the deposition from anywhere they have internet access.

The streaming text can be highlighted and bookmarked, allowing the user to refer back to specific parts during a break in the testimony. Our secure chat feature enables direct or group messaging per party side. Electronic exhibit marking and presentation further underscores the value of this feature, especially for those remote viewers.

  • Realtime transcription of live depositions
  • Remote access
  • Highlight and Bookmark testimony on the fly
  • Chat with individuals or an entire team
  • Electronic exhibit marking and presentation