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Our videoconferencing services allow you and your experts, adjusters, associate counsel, and any other tangential viewers to attend your depositions. From our office, we can set up for live and/or remote, viewing.

Our affiliate locations across the world allow you and your associates to participate in any video, audio, or other remote-access conference. Our on-site staff handles any and all technical support, email, copying services, and other administrative needs.

Our universal platform enables attendees to remotely attend without the need of a traditional videoconferencing system. Your associates can attend your deposition, training, or other conference from the comfort of their home, office, or hotel room.

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Our Team Takes Care of it All

Additionally, we can schedule all sides of the conference, not just your end.

instaScript Office

We can also enable recording on the conference for later playback, as well as facilitate electronic exhibit presentation during the conference.

If meeting at our downtown office, catering, transportation, and other concierge needs can be met as needed. We can handle as few or as many participants as needed, with up to 20 per conference room.

  • In-office and remote viewing
  • Universal access, regardless of attendee’s operating system
  • In-house technical support
  • On-staff administrative functions
  • Scheduling all sides
  • Recording Services
  • Electronic Exhibit Presentation
  • Catering and Concierge