Video Depositions

We’ve partnered with an independent audio/visual company (admissible video) to give you the highest level of service when providing your video depositions and other pre-recorded needs. Our team of experts can record from multiple angles, then edit the video along with any recorded sounds for a crystal-clear representation of your unique needs.

Along with video depositions, our team can record “day in the life” footage as well as any type inspection, including but not limited to: IME examination, industrial/vehicular inspection, etc. Video-to-text synchronization can be added onto any video as needed. All services include a standard turnaround time of 7-10 days, and rush services are available for an additional fee.

Our affiliates can also provide trial presentation services, ensuring you get the best representation possible without sacrificing the impartiality of your reporter.

  • Professional, independent videography
  • High-quality video and sound equipment
  • Standard turnaround with rush services available (for an additional fee)
  • Trial presentation services