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InstaScript prides itself on offering industry leading technology in video conference services. We can provide a universal platform to securely attend your depositions remotely by live video and text streaming. We have affiliate locations all over the world in which you may participate by video and/or audio conference.  Mobile video conferencing services are also available to bridge in attendees without the benefit of a traditional video conferencing system.  Your expert, adjuster, or associate counsel can attend from their office desktop or laptop.  Electronic exhibit marking and displaying can also be integrated into these services, truly enabling you to conduct depositions globally from the comfort of your office or ours.

Video Conferencing

InstaScript offers your choice of conference rooms in our facility ranging from as few as six attendees to as many as twenty.  Please inquire how we can accommodate your next deposition or mediation. Breakfast and lunch catering facilitated daily to increase efficiency in the litigation process.  Accommodations available for dietary needs such as gluten free, vegetarian, etc.

You may choose to receive your depositions and exhibits electronically and/or hard copy. We offer Real Legal’s  eTranscript with or without hyperlinking the exhibits to the deposition. You may also choose to have your exhibits linked in OCR format for word searches to include the exhibits as well as the transcript. Our online repository affords you the convenience of having your deposition in several file formats including PTX, PDF, and RTF, as well as the ability to print a condensed transcript and word index. It also houses all exhibits, errata sheets and signature pages. Exhibit notebooks with tabbed exhibits are also available and can be used across all depositions in the case.

We offer realtime reporting using LiveLitigation, which may be accessed on a computer, an iPad, or mobile device simply by downloading the app.  Firm iPads can also be provided upon request.  By using the remote protocol, your out-of-town deposition attendees may join the deposition from anywhere.  Electronic exhibit marking and pushing to all attendees, whether in-situ or remotely, can also be integrated into the platform.  Our reporters are trained in other litigation support browsers as well, including industry leaders ThomsonReuters Case Notebook and Summation.  Rough drafts, daily copy, and expedited transcripts are also available by request.


Conference Rooms

We have partnered with Admissible Video to provide the highest quality video services available.  All videographers are equipped with High Definition, 3 CCD Chip Sony cameras and a backup is made to a stand alone DVD burner along with two masters for every deposition. The sound is crystal clear, balanced and metered, using XLR Shure systems.  Day in the life, any type of industrial accident, as well as video trial depositions are among the services we offer. We are also certified in Trial Director. We are also certified in Trial Director and can provide trial presentation services through our affiliation to ensure that impartiality of the reporter is never in question.  Video-to-text synchronization services also available.


Transcript Delivery

Our team of court reporters have both courtroom and deposition experience and are certified in various states such as Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, etc. They also hold the highest National Court Reporters Association certifications such as Registered Professional Reporter, Registered Merit Reporter, Realtime Systems Administrator, and Certified Realtime Reporter.  We have over thirty years’ experience in the fields of oil and gas, medical malpractice, business and employment law, and intellectual property litigation. Expedited and daily transcripts are available upon request.  Extensive experience in confidential and attorney-eyes-only matters, as well as extensive experience in arbitration hearings from set-up of the courtroom to secure, confidential exhibit scanning, hosting, and transcript transmittal to all parties and panel members.

We offer free wireless internet throughout our offices as well as an AirPrint enabled printer. All clients have online access to depositions, as well as exhibits, signature pages and errata sheets, invoices sent and paid, etc.  At a mediation and need instant access to case costs for our firm, log in and view your invoices by case.  Contact our office for your username and password to gain access.

Court Reporting

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